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IsabelleArocho.com is my personal website to share my self published novels about mystery, intrigue, fantasty, and of course romance. Please take a look around to see the latest news on your favorite story and maybe some new ones you want to check out.


Latest publishing details can be found here as they are laid out.

Aug 11th 2015: There's a new layout to the website, more details will be added over the next several days. I'm hoping to get some stories updated/and or published soon. As many of you know I'm currently in the middle of nursing school and there isn't much time for me to write but I am hoping to get something soon. Until then please don't stop reading. -IA

  • Published Works

    All my published works can be found at Smashwords as well as major retail stores. Below is a list of my non-Celestin City novels.


    Games We play
    Nicholas and Sasha work for the FBI and can't seem to get along. Now to solve a case they have to pretend to be newlyweds in love, no matter their personal distaste. The danger rises as feelings are uncovered and truths are revealed. Can these two agents catch the bad guys and just maybe fall in love?

    Celestin City

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    Celestin City is a hotbed for the supernatural and intriguing characters. A fictional town where all the monsters like to come out and play.

    Vampires are exposed, some want to change the humans minds in order to be seen as equal, others want to have the humans for dinner and nothing more.

    Werewolves are keeping their head down in hopes to remain in the shadows, exposure is the last thing they want.

    Angels and demons are making their way into the stirring pot and created a set of problems none of our heroines can prevent.

    This series spins off into character series following an array of people connected to Celestin. The books can be read by character and be understood as a standalone but it’s also fun to read all of them and see how these heroes interact from time to time.